Metalsport Wheels

About Our Wheels

Wheel Evolution

Our wheels start here in California. The first step in making Metalsport wheels is the aluminum bars used to make our wheel blanks. The manufacturer that makes our blanks have experts that run continuous inspection and analysis on all the aluminum used. Metallurgical analysis plays a crucial role in the heat-treatment phase.

Rotary forging is a specific cold forging technology that allows for greater dimensional accuracy, better surface finish quality and material hardening and optimized grain structure. This is the first look at a motorcycle wheel. It looks like a hockey puck, a big hockey puck.

The heat-treated forging is then sent to the spin and flow machine. This is where is starts getting its wheel shape. This process gives us the perfect cylindrical shape of the motorcycle wheel.

Once the flow and spin processes are completed, the wheels are then finished in the CNC machining area. With lathes, mills and a fully-automated robotic turning center, the final wheel blanks have a tight-tolerance and the best quality available in the wheel industry.

The wheel blanks arrive at our shop and then the magic begins. All our designed wheels are done here in our machine shop; even the polishing is done here. We found the best chromers and anodizers to finish our wheels locally. It might take a little longer and more expensive, but the finished wheel is worth it.

Did you ever wonder who really invented the wheel? It wasn’t the caveman. The Mesopotamian civilization is credited with the invention of the first wheel. Although there is no one person that can be applauded for inventing the wheel since they started showing up throughout Western Asia. This historical region includes the present-day Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Syria and Turkey. We have come a long way from the early wheels that were simple wooden disks with a hole for the axle.

Advanced Structural Technologies manufactures the aluminum motorcycle wheels that we use for our finished wheels. The wheel blanks are Rotary Forged Wheels which are considered the most expensive but also the highest-performance manufactured wheels on the market. To understand the Wheel Forging Process, click HERE to read the Ultimate Wheel Guide produced by Advanced Structural Technologies.

Not sure which wheel size you need? Check out the Wheel Fitment chart HERE. The chart will offer stock fitment and custom sizes without needing modifications. If you decide to go with a custom size, we recommend that you confer with the person working on your motorcycle