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“I am proud to continue my relationship with Metalsport. We will bring new and exciting products to the motorcycle market with the utmost quality you and I would expect and deserve.”

– Chip Foose, Foose Design, Inc.

“From here on out I’ll only use Metalsport wheels for two simple reasons: quality and service, but the main reason is they go the extra for the industry.”

– Dana Hallberg, Deadline Customs


Dave Perewitz

“I have been building and customizing motorcycles for over 40 years. The quality and fitment of Metalsport Wheels is first class. Every time we have used them on a motorcycle, they fit perfect as well as look wicked cool! Our new rigid shovel has a set of Metalsport Wheels that everyone comments on, ‘wow, those are killer wheels.’ ”

– Dave Perewitz, Perewitz Cycle Fab

“At Donnie Smith Custom Cycles we strive to build custom motorcycles of the highest quality and distinction. We demand the most of ourselves and our components. Metalsport’s commitment to quality, fit, finish, and innovative design allows us to take our motorcycles to the next level.”

– Donnie Smith, Custom Cycles

Donnie Smith

““Coolest F%@#in’ wheels I’ve ever seen!””

– Eddie Trotta, Thunder Cycle Designs

“We’ve been getting worldwide recognition on the bikes we’ve built in our Borken, Germany headquarters for more than 35 years, yet when we teamed up with Metalsport, I felt that our design and quality was taken up several notches. Whether using one of their proprietary lines or our exclusive Kodlin Design Series that’s manufactured by Metalsport, the end results have that extra ‘wow-factor’ that we’re after. For us at Kodlin Motorcycles, Metalsport is Number 1 in every aspect.”

– Fred Kodlin, Kodlin Motorcycles


“Whenever I have a customer that requests high end motorcycle wheels, Metalsport is the only wheel company to go with.”

– Nick Trask, Trask Performance

“There’s a lot of choices when it comes to wheels for my custom bikes. I choose Metalsport Wheels because of their innovative designs, super high quality product and unbeatable customer service. If it’s gotta be right, it’s gotta be Metalsport!””

– Paul Yaffe, Paul Yaffe Originals & Bagger Nation

Paul Yaffe

Shannon Davidson

“Highest quality wheels on the market period. I won’t run anything else
on my high end builds”

– Shannon Davidson, The Chopp Shop

“if you’re goin’ to get dressed up” … you might as well wear the best shoes…. and that’s Metalsport wheels…. period!!!”

– Todd Anglani, After Hours Bikes

After Hours

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