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Metalsport has offered Vee Rubber Motorcycle tires since 2005. Vee Rubber helped us introduce the first 26” tire for our prototype motorcycle wheel that first appeared on Matt Hotch’s bike, “The Vincent.” Introducing a big 26” tire created a learning curve for the industry – how to mount a big tire on a wheel properly. Vee Rubber wanted to eliminate future mounting problems, so they decided to reengineer the bead seat and made it more user-friendly. As time went by, everyone learned how to mount big tires without damage.

Why Vee Rubber? This tire company can create big sizes and was willing to work with us. Vee Rubber tires are produced in Thailand. Being one of the largest natural rubber producing country, it enables Vee Rubber to offer more types of vehicle tires. Since 1977 Vee Rubber has grown into three large facilities that produce more than 25 million tires. With more than 25 years of experience and development, Vee Rubber ensures that its manufacturing standard is second to none. Their processes achieve ISO 9000 certification. Tire design, tread performance and quality assurance are constantly supervised by a team of engineers.

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We now carry the complete 302 series - Twin and Monster from Vee Rubber, both in the Blackwall or Whitewall design. We offer these tires in 39 sizes.

Blackwall Tires

These blackwall tires are made from a high mileage compound and feature all-weather and tubeless construction. D.O.T. H-rated or V-rated (as specified) approved. We offer 26 sizes for your motorcycle. [MORE]

Blackwall Tires
Whitewall Tires

Whitewall Tires

These whitewall tires are made from the same high mileage compound and construction. All whitewall tires are D.O.T. H-rated or V-rated (as specified). We offer 13 sizes with one with dual application. [MORE]

Arachnid Tires for Can-Am Spyders

These Arachnid tires were specially designed for the Can-Am Spyders to provide excellent traction and great mileage! They are great all weather tires that provide exceptional grip on wet roads and awesome handling when you’re hitting the back roads! [MORE]

Arachnid VTR 350 Tires

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