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Metalsport Wheels Has Trike Wheels

Trike Wheels

November 17, 2023 - Did you know that Metalsport Wheels offers trike wheels? The rear wheels are available in the OEM 2D 18x7.0 or the 2D 20x7.0. The trike pictured here features the 3D 21x5.5 (Fat Wheel) in the front and the rear wheels are the 3D 20x7.0. The design on these wheels is our classic L.A. Lace. Metalsport can manufacture your trike wheels with any of their designs – a selection of more than forty (40) to choose from. We start with USA-forged wheel blanks that are made here in California and then are machined in our shop in South Gate.

If you are ready to upgrade your trike or you are thinking of building a trike, remember Metalsport Wheels. We also offer matching rotors, pulleys, and sprockets.