Metalsport Wheels

New 34″ Motorcycle Wheel – Coming Soon!

Design & Cut

February 3, 2017 - Metalsport Wheels announced today the newest wheel size, the 34″ motorcycle wheel is now in its Design Phase. Metalsport Wheels will have available the first-to-market 34” motorcycle wheel. You can get it in several of their design styles, like the Don Juan Torque, Whip, Corleone and the brand new Blade.

Once the design phase is completed, then begins the Cut Phase. This is where the guys at Metalsport Wheels take a sold block of aluminum and make a circular cut utilizing the technology of high grade equipment. Once the initial cut is made, precision cutting takes place to formulate a blank, in which is preparation for the next phase where highly trained technicians shape each individual design.

  • Finishes available are Chrome, All Black Anodized and Polished
  • Matching rotors in 11.5" 11.8", and 13", with an 18" Floating Rotor option
  • Exclusive Vee Rubber Tire sized 140/40/34

Coming in March 2017 Taking Pre-Orders Now!!