New 34″ Motorcycle Wheel – Coming Soon!

After the Design Phase begins the process of the raw cut, in which Metalsport Wheels takes a sold block of aluminum and makes a circular cut utilizing the technology of high grade equipment. Once the initial cut is made, precision cutting takes place to formulate a blank, in which is preparation for the next phase where highly trained technicians shape each individual design.
Coming in March 2017, Metalsport Wheels will have available the first-to-market 34 inch motorcycle wheel.
  • 4 initial styles – Corleone, DonJuan Torque, Whip & the New 15 Spoke
  • Finishes available are Chrome, All Black anodized and Polished
  • Matching rotors in 11.5″, 11.8″, and 13″, with an 18″ Floating rotor option
  • Exclusive Vee Rubber Tire sized 140/40/34
 Coming March 2017 – Taking Pre-Orders Now!!!

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